pilot flame colour orange or soft blue

Best pilot flame will be one that makes little noise and has a sharp blue colour

  • Orange pilot flame is called a carbonizing flame, Means that it is running with low primary air
  • Low primary air is due to dirty pilot you will need shut gas off and remove pilot orifice and clean
  • Soft blue flame is caused by low gas pressure to the pilot, Which can be adjusted on the gas valve . If by adjusting pilot does not solve problem then gas valve is restricting gas too much and may need replacing.
  • Sharp blue flame that is too noisy will be opposite as soft blue flame the gas pressure is set too high, Pilot flame could lift off the pilot housing and go out .
  • Pilot flame should burn around the top 1/2 inch of the thermocouple in order to produce the proper dc voltage to hold the safety open for the gas valve to operate.check my links on side bar for thermocouple/thermopile charts where you will see a chart on how to test thermocouple/thermopiles




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