Cold house alarm

For holidays Especially in the winter time many people fly off to hot places to enjoy the warm weather not thinking about their house. One of the hardest part of the job I found was going to such a house when their furnace had broken down causing the house to get very cold breaking water lines and causing extension damage. I have seen houses where the furnace had stopped working due to minor problems, which could have been avoided if they had a low temperature alarm. Water lines would freeze then it warms up outside and the water lines break open spraying water all over house until they returned home.

Insurance company would not pay for damage because of a little clause they had for houses when they are unoccupied. Most insurance company’s clause say the house must be check every 72 house or insurance will not cover damage. I recommend talking to your insurance company about how often the house should be check when going on vacation. The grace time changes with each insurance company and each agreement.

One way freezing your house could be avoided is with this little thermostat, all you need to do is plug into a lamp and ask neighbor to watch for a light on. If they do see light they should call an emergency number you have setup with them. But of course light bulbs can burn out or electrics fail so be careful to still have someone check house as per insurance company requirements. Check out my affiliate Amazon for this alarm

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