There are a few different types of furnace filters; they all have different capacities to clean the air and last different durations. On the side I have a link that will connect you to a chart for MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) ratings and what each will clean out of the air. Every house is different for durations filters last depend on house (rugs, animals, etc) and area (construction, dusty areas, etc)

First one is flat; the surface area is only that of the filter. These filters will last 1 month 1 – 4 MERV
The next type of filter is the one I have pictured here, how is works is the media bends back and forth so if you were to stretch it out you would have material 3 times as long. This means they will last 3 months instead of the typical once a month filter changes. The filter would fit in same filter rack as regular filters and clean house better 4 – 8 MERV. Check out this filter on my affiliate website Amazon.
Another type of filter is the box type they can be 4 – 5 inch thick and require professional installation. Best part about this filter is that it only needs to be changed once a year, and are MERV 10 – 16. This is my recommended filter and is the same one I use in my house, It makes everything easier because you only have to change filter every fall not 1 or 3 month
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