Fluke 116/322 HVAC combo kit basic multimeter and amp clamp that will do anything in residential diagnostics.

Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter if you are working on any Engineer MUA (Make Up Air) or RTU (Roof Top Unit) you need the percent duty cycle option to set up combustion motor speed sensor properly.

Cooper SH66A Multi-temperature thermometer instrument. Good for measuring temperature on pipe or airflow

Ritchie Yellow Jacket LCD Vacuum Gauge 69075 senses the full range from atmospheric pressure down to 1 micron. I have had mine for 6 years and have never had any problems with it. It will give you exact number read out not just lights to indicate vacuum pressure

D-TEK Select Refrigerant leak detector this leak detector is the best one I have used it is very sensitive and will find the smallest leak. Some people believe it is too sensitive, because sometimes when it is moved fast it will beep. If you use the meter properly by moving it slowly around the leaks it will prove to be the best meter on the market. I would rather have a few false readings then to miss a leak that would cause me to return to the same job site a few times on callbacks.

Fluke Alert Voltage Detector A/C 90-1000 Volts-1AC-A1-II & A/C 20-90 Volts. I always carry one of these detectors around sometimes I can diagnose a problem with it or double-check the power for safety. Always test detector against known power and use meters to insure all power is turned off.

Testo 510 Manometer is the best manometer I have found that will measure differential pressures. The unit has many switchable units of measure. Very accurate as mine is 6 years old and has never required calibration. Only complaint is max pressure 1.5 PSI.

Powers Pneumatic Calibration kit 832-177 comes with Siemens adapters should buy Honeywell and Johnson adaptor kits as well in order to do all thermostats.

Procore Ratchet Wrench 17-9568 only 5 degrees of operation is needed to use this wrench. All wrenches have opened end and ratchet box end, which makes easy work in tight places.

If anyone has a better meter they use please send a comment to me and I will add it. I know fluke has a new one with flexible amp clamp, but I do not have the meter so I can’t comment on it

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